Enrico Frank Andreoli Montreal – Learning to Drive Abroad

Driving a car in another country is not always easy and the entire experience can be very overwhelming, even for the los experienced of drivers. Now in some countries around the world, driving is very simple and roads can be quiet, in others it can be absolute chaos. I had to learn the hard way during a trip to Mexico last year, after my buddy the designated driver, hurt his foot. For Enrico Frank Andreoli Montreal was the place where he first cut his teeth driving abroad, managing through the insane ice and snow, I felt he could’ve been great in Mexico. After the injury however, the onus was on me.

No matter where you are traveling to in the world, if you are planning to drive the there are some basic tips to follow which will keep you safe.

Homework First

Whilst driving all over the world can be very similar, there are some rules to follow which are exclusive for each nation. It makes the most sense to ensure that you learn a little about the road signs and the systems which you expect to see during your time in another country. These signs and systems are not universal and they will help you to gain a better understanding of how you should be driving. It will also be essential that you learn about the driving culture in other parts of the world. For example if you drove in the UK and wish to change lanes, usually switching your indicator on means someone will let you in. Conversely if you are driving in somewhere like Mexico, you’ll need to make that move happen or you’ll be waiting all day.

Emergency Planning

Invariably things can happen when you are on the road, be it an accident or a breakdown and it is essential that you have a clear understanding of what to do. To go back to my time in Mexico, I didn’t know that if you have an accident, the protocol is to stop and then call the insurance, who will then come out and assign blame. In other countries the correct thing to do is swap details with the other driver and then tell your own insurers what has happened.

Learning First

The best thing to do when you first get on the road is to follow a learning process. Take the car to a quieter place and just get to grips with things. Whilst you may be comfortable doing it at home, aim to drive in silence and without anyone distracting you, just to give you the best chance of focusing 100%.

Take It Easy

And finally the best advice I can give is that you just take it easy, that you don’t go racing around and assume to know where you’re going and what you are doing. Being on vacation should be relaxing and so you should aim to drive the vehicle in the same way, with calm and without any stress.

Ultimately you are very much going to learn on the road, researching things first is worthwhile and will help, but you aren’t going to really get to grips with it until you actually get behind the wheel.

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