When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, many countries ended up shutting down airports and closing their borders so as to limit air traffic. This was an unprecedented move at the time. Since then, business travel has resumed in many areas. However, questions remain as to how COVID-19 will affect business travel going forward—and how business travelers can protect themselves in the midst of the virus. Here is a look at everything you should know about COVID-19 and business travel, according to business and travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article.


Brian Ferdinand in the article explains that according to the Global Business Travel Association, about 445 million trips happen every year for business purposes. These trips are valued at a whopping $345 billion each year for meeting and travel expenditures. With economies beginning to reopen slowly, concerns remain about whether unnecessary business travel should continue right now. Organizations are especially concerned about a potential second wave of COVID-19.

Given the concerns surrounding travel during the coronavirus pandemic, corporate travel is expected to resume in the days ahead. However, it likely won’t be as free spirited as it has been in the past, according to Ferdinand.


If your company requires you to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to book a corporate housing unit. This setting comes with a greater level of privacy than you would experience in the hotel setting. Because you don’t have to interact with as many people in the corporate housing setting, you naturally decrease your likelihood of becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Another benefit of corporate housing is that it can help your employer to save extra money, which may mean more business trips for you in the future. That’s because a corporate housing unit is typically less expensive than a hotel room is. In addition, corporate housing rentals tend to be more comfortable. This makes them the perfect option for businessmen and businesswomen, as business travelers are often in meetings for hours on end and thus would appreciate having fully furnished rentals to return to at the end of the day.

Overall, the future of corporate travel isn’t certain due to the unpredictability of the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, the more that business travelers take advantage of corporate housing units when they do travel, the better their travel experiences can be, and the greater the chances that corporate travel will keep going strong in the months ahead.

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