As a busy traveling professional, you have always stayed in extended-stay hotels. However, you’re now ready to try something a little different. Fortunately, a hotel isn’t your only accommodation option when you’re traveling for business. Corporate housing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to hotels for several reasons, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, in a recent article. Here’s a rundown on the top reasons to choose corporate housing for business travel.


In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand explains that with corporate housing, traveling businesspeople have the opportunity to temporarily reside in furnished apartments when away from home. The benefit of a corporate housing unit when compared with a hotel is that it offers more space. As a result, you can feel as though you are at home, with plenty of room to spread out as needed.

Yet another advantage of corporate housing is that many housing units can be found in today’s most desirable and popular urban areas across the United States. In fact, you can find corporate housing units in just about every major metropolitan market. As a result, when you travel, you can expect your travel experience as a businessperson to be akin to that as any other city vibe–loving traveler.


Corporate housing additionally offers the benefit of allowing businesspeople to cook food on their own, as corporate housing units come with full-sized kitchens. The reality is, eating food from both traditional restaurants and fast-food restaurants can quickly become old—even after the span of a few days. If you’re planning to stay on a business trip for several weeks, constantly eating out can be even more tiring, in addition to being unhealthy and costly.

For this reason, being able to cook in your corporate housing unit is a major plus. You can simply shop for your own groceries and prepare meals around your work schedule.


Corporate housing comes in various styles, which is another key advantage of this type of accommodation. For this reason, it is wise to contact your desired corporate housing provider to find out which styles the company offers for your next business trip. These styles may range from condos to private homes and high-rise buildings.

With the right corporate housing unit, you can take your next business trip accommodation experience to the next level in terms of comfort and convenience, according to Brian Ferdinand.

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