Tips on Keeping Your Smartphone Safe

Watch world champion barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge talk Gear Garage and find out just how little gear is actually used. The one thing that is not skimped on is the padding on his suit. Thick padding is required to protect him from the ripping water as he water skis barefoot. Keith St. Onge is not afraid to discussing his padding especially in the butt. What type of padding does your smartphone have? Considering how much that smartphone cost you, should you invest a little into its covering? Are you aware of the cost of repairs if that phone were to take a tumble? It goes without saying that smartphone ownership is extremely expensive. From buying the phone to caring for it and everything that happens to in in-between, smartphone ownership can leave you broke. According to an article, more phones get dropped than anything else and this act of dropping usually results in some type of damage. Your smartphone is nothing more than a small computer. You certainly would not drop your laptop and if you did, it would likely result in server damage. The same can occur if you you’re your smartphone. In order to prevent your smartphone from falling to its death you should probably start taking precautions now. In the likely event your phone does hit the ground, you need to have protective padding. Just like world famous barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge talked about in his video, you too need that kind of protection for your phone.

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