Sports stars who can’t get enough of the casino

It seems strange when you see sports stars on the casino floor, rather than on the track, pitch or court. But when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. To make it as a pro athlete, you need discipline, determination and a burning desire to win – three things which, funnily enough, should also make you a dab hand at blackjack, poker and roulette.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather certainly knows his way around the blackjack table. He’s known by casino bosses in his hometown of Las Vegas as ‘Money’, for his habit of staking over $100,000 per hand. He’s such a fan of the game, in fact, that he hosted his own blackjack tournament out in the Bahamas back in 2016. The top prize stood at a cool $300,000 cash.

Equally happy to splurge thousands on a trip to the casino is Wayne Rooney. In 2017, the former Manchester United striker squandered £500,000 in less than two hours playing blackjack and roulette. And still, he’s got nothing on NBA champion Michael Jordan, who’s rumoured to have spent $1.25 million on gambling every year during his basketball career.

You can discover more about these casino-loving sports stars by checking out the infographic on this page, put together by the guys from the bgo slots casino.

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