Inspiration Comes From Recognition

Start inspiring your employees to reach for greater recognition in your office. Give your employees a tangible piece of recognition, whether it be a plaque from a recognition specialty company like EDCO Awards & Specialties or another idea. The one benefit of choosing a plaque for recognition is that employees can look back at the time they received it and know their contributions mattered. This also allows clients and others to see the employees achievements, and they will look at the employee with a higher degree of confidence.

Recognition inspires people to perform at a higher level. Some employers give bonus money as a symbol of appreciation, and the employees are happy to have the extra cash. Once the money is spent there is no recollection of the recognition. Additionally, others are not aware of the outstanding performance because usually financial matters are kept a little more private. Employees need a more tangible symbol of recognition along with the bonus to really be inspired to perform.

Let us illustrate this concept. Say you own a law office. An employee at your office is on time to work everyday for over a year and never misses a day of work. This same employee always brings a smile and a positive attitude with them each day. They are always courteous, helpful, and they treat each client with respect and dignity.

To increase client satisfaction and office efficiency, you have implemented an employee incentive program. This particular employee has reached every goal for a year. The office incentive program includes generous bonuses and honorable mentions at all the employee meetings.

The employee is happy to receive the bonus money and be mentioned in front of the other employees for the regular contribution to the office workflow and excellent work performance. What else can be done to inspire the employee not only to continue but to reach out for even more significant growth?

Promotions and Training Programs Show Employee Appreciation

Some companies offer promotions and additional training programs. These are effective forms of recognition because the additional training is an asset the employee will keep with them for years to come. Promotions are another excellent form of recognition because they are a win-win situation. The employee wins by receiving more responsibility and greater respect in their new position, and the company wins with having excellent management.

Your law office primarily focuses on criminal cases and represents a fair amount of drunk drivers. This same employee from our illustration came up with a great idea at the company meeting a few months ago. They suggested and created a marketing strategy to increase the intake of clients.

You thought it was a viable plan, so you encouraged them to implement their ideas. After six months, the office client intake has soared by a 30% increase. You gave the employee a very generous bonus to show appreciation. You also gave them a promotion that includes more leadership functions within the office. Is there a little more you can do to show their effort will not be forgotten and to inspire more innovation in the office?

Performance Recognition Ideas

Yes, there is. Here are some other suggestions of tangible recognition that inspire workplace innovation.

  1. Recognition plaques offer a permanent record for all to see the accomplishments of an outstanding employee
  2. Paid for vacation is another way to extend appreciation that is memorable for a lifetime
  3. Jewelry is a long-lasting form of recognition
  4. Memberships to fitness clubs or other activities that the employee participates in are an excellent symbols of appreciation

These are just a few additional ways that inspire employees to reach out to perform at greater heights. These extra incentives and performance recognition markers not only create a flourishing work environment, but they encourage employee loyalty.

From your experience, you know that it is expensive and very frustrating to have a lot of office personnel turn over. Employee turn over can be decreased by a large margin with the implementation of performance recognition markers. Positive recognition creates comradery and the attitude of teamwork in the office. It also inspires employee innovation.

Build a “recognition of service” platform in your business model so that you can obtain and retain the best office personnel. Recognize to inspire your employees and watch your business flourish.

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