Best Countries For Adventure Travel

Do you have a deep, insistent desire to venture into the unknown? A longing that can only be fulfilled by donning a backpack and stepping off the beaten path? If so, the following destinations might be worth adding to your bucket list.

But when the time comes to book accommodation for your trip, it’s well worth choosing a hotel which boasts free Wi-Fi. That way, if you just want to relax in the evenings, you’ll be able to stay in and play a few bingo games at Kitty Bingo or a round of poker, from the comfort of your room.


There’s no need to step out of your comfort zone in New Zealand. You may enjoy your vacation soaking in hot springs or hang out in luxury lodges. But if you do want to push things, this is the ideal place to do it. Hike on a glacier, jump out of a plane, go mountain-biking on hardcore terrain, climb a mountain, go skiing or snowboarding or jet-boating or zorbing or kayaking, quad-biking or white-water-rafting or…… anything, really.


Nowadays, there are plenty of African countries that offer safari experience. But only a few offer an experience as wild as Botswana. You may even stay in campgrounds within national parks such as Chobe, Moremi and Nxai Pan completely unfenced and unsupervised. Nothing is more entertaining than sitting around a campfire and shining a torch into the gloom and see many pairs of eyes reflected back at you from the darkness. What’s out there?


Mongolia is a remarkable and amazing country which has a culture like no other. Yes, it’s a culture that any visitors will love and adore. From eating traditional food – fermented horse milk, mutton dumplings, to staying in a traditional ger, or yurt, to attending the Golden Eagle Festival, to cheering at Nadaam, the annual festival of archery, wrestling and horse-riding  – this is a country in which nothing is recognisable.


Australia’s closest neighbour known as Papua New Guinea is a place of serious adventure. Whether it’s cultural or physical, you are going to have great fun. Nothing is recognisable from back home in this exceptional country, where you can tour a town destroyed by a nearby volcano or stay in a village on a remote island in East New Britain, or go to a festival in the highlands, or scuba-dive in absolute paradise, or simply exist in Port Moresby. None of this is comfortable or easy – but it is worthwhile.


If wandering through dense forest with gun-toting guides in the chase for wild silverback gorillas doesn’t make you feel happy, then you’re a braver traveller than everyone else. This beautiful country has more to offer to thrill explorers than gorilla treks in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There’s also white-water rafting on grade-five waterfalls on the Nile, walking through the Rwenzori Mountains. Visiting a country like Uganda is definitely rewarding.

So, which of these amazing countries are you going to choose for your next adventure? Irrespective of your choice, you are bound to have a one of a lifetime experience!

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