Top Michelin Star Restaurants in London

When choosing a restaurant to eat at, a Michelin star is indeed a thing to consider. After all, it is the assurer of quality, great eating and value. In a city like London, where there are hundreds of good diners, a Michelin star guarantees a great time. London is a foodie’s paradise, both in terms of quantity and quality. Aside street food and delicious curries, this city boasts fine dining places, which are affordable. Now, time to discover the best Michelin Star restaurants which can be found in London.

The Ritz

Found in Mayfair, The Ritz is one of the most famous restaurants in London. The building in itself is luxurious and grandiose. The food smells of high standard and the afternoon tea is well-known. Despite making many dishes, The Ritz is most famous for its afternoon tea. It is lavish and comes with a wide choice of cakes. Cupcakes, doughnuts and cakes are some of these pastries, just like the symbols found on Sugar Train Slots, playable at Lucky Pants Bingo. On this top bingo site, you will also find exclusive slots, which will please your taste buds. Even better, the afternoon tea is not high priced. The layout of this place is its most pretty feature. The establishment manages to fill the small place with many people, and somehow people also get a sense of privacy. Whether you’re with family or friends, you will feel like you’re the only people out there.

The Glasshouse

Located in Kew, The Glasshouse is a small and welcoming restaurant. It is one of the best places to visit if you want a break after exploring the gardens. As a matter of fact, this restaurant is found a few steps from the outstanding Kew Gardens- this location is worth a visit as it is made of pretty flowers. The restaurant is small but it has a light atmosphere, and is the best place to start you day at! When it comes to food, The Glasshouse serves an assortment of British, European and seasonal meals. And, all of them are tasty and light, and is a great experience. The food won’t make you heavy, but instead will make you happy! The sporadic Asian spices are also a nice touch to some of the dishes.


Trinity is a private restaurant found in Clapham, and it serves seasonal yet delicious food. The décor is very modern, and what really makes it special is the fact that it is monochrome. The walls, carpet and tablecloths do not come with a single splash of colours, which make the location perfect for pictures. On the menu, you have a large selection of seasonal cuisine, which has a touch of modernity. And each of the dishes are mouth-watering. The upper space situated at Trinity is a great place to get some drinks before or after your meal. The venue can also be hired for private events. The restaurant also has a finely maintained outdoor porch, perfect for sunny days. So, you can visit that place during summer.

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