Discover the Beauty That Lies in Asia

The most beautiful countries of Asia are some of the top tourist destinations in the world. Asia is a collection of nations that vary in mind blowing landscapes, the greenest forests, blue beaches, barren deserts, white tip mountains and an expanded array of wildlife. Aside from the beauty of the countries, diverse cultures of different countries add to the exquisiteness of the continent. In the following article, you will discover the most beautiful places of Asia. Possibly, several places that you never knew existed.

Taj Mahal, India

From 1631 to 1648, an Emperor had a white mausoleum of white marble built for his favourite wife. This famous monument is known as the jewel of India and is universally admired. The beautiful gardens of the place represent paradise or heaven on earth. Otherwise, this palace is also known as a symbol of love.

Great Wall of China, China

This massive structure was built as a defence wall in the 7th century. During the Qin Dynasty, this wall was put of the avoid intruder invasions. The wonderful monument is 3,945 miles long and is also known as the longest wall on earth!

Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian island is well known for its volcanic mountains, turquoise waters, beaches and coral reefs. Besides the marvellous beaches, the wonderful climate allows you to dive into an unforgettable journey.

Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan

This village was created by a former soldier in 1924. He began painting houses in his village and was soon known as Grandpa Rainbow. The beautiful vibrant colours and designs of birds, people and animals will certainly move you.

Macau, China

Also known as the Las Vegas of China, this destination is the mecca of casino gaming and glamour! Enjoy massive shopping centres, adventure parks, salons and spas, varied foods and most of all, the punter side of the place where you could enjoy a great selection of casino games to put to play. If you think going to China is too far, there’s no need travel. Grab great casino gaming experience at the best online bingo site Lucky Pants Bingo! There, you’ll are presented with an array of casino games, online slots and bingo to enjoy!

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This popular delta in Vietnam is a route for locals to sell their crops. Along the delta, you can find a wide selection of juicy tropical fruits, vegetables and rice crops. While floating along the river, you can get off at different locations and visit the city or temples.

Tiger’s Nest Temple, Bhutan

Also known as Taksang Palphug, this is a prominent sacred Buddhist site located on the cliffside of Paro valley. This place is a must visit because of the unique location and view that will definitely take your breath away.

Danxia Landform, China

The Danzi landform is formed from red coloured sandstones and strong forces. The colours of these rainbow mountains took shape of flowing valleys after thousands of years of rain and win. The region is now listed in the World Heritage Site.

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