Cleansing Your Space – Why This Practice Isn’t Just For Spiritual Gurus

You might have heard about a ritualistic cleansing of your space a lot these days, especially since spirituality and new age tendencies are trending at the moment. Cleansing might sound like something only hippies do with incense and herbs, but it doesn’t have to be and cleansing your own space can be hugely beneficial. Do you ever come home at the end of the day at find that you feel sluggish, low and generally irritable? Cleansing yourself and your space can help get rid of the sludge of the day. Here are easy ways you can begin to purify yourself and your home – even if you aren’t up on the new age trends.

Energy Is Real

Many people are beginning to realise that energy is very real. In fact, you may begin to pick up on energies in your day to day life, such as how being around a person who complains all the time can make you feel low, or how being around someone angry can affect your peace and calmness. All of this is caused by energy in the atmosphere around you and it can latch itself onto you and stay with you, long after you leave the situation resulting in you taking it home with you and sharing it with your friends and family. A perfect example of this is if you have a customer or boss at work who yells at you, sending you into a mood that stays with you the rest of the day and into the evening.

Cleansing Is Easy

Cleansing your space can be as easy as pie. A great way to begin is to open all your windows in your house, including the front door. Sweep your floors toward the front door, imagining you sweeping up all bad energies with it and then symbolically sweep them out the front door. Go around to each room and bash out all your pillows, shake out your sheets and if possible hang them on the line to catch fresh air. Wash your floors and walls with your normal cleaner, but add a couple of pinches of salt – a popular purifier – to the water. Light incense in each room and if you have any to hand, putting crystals on places such as window ledges, headboard of beds, dressing tables and more can help to bring in positive energy to the room. You can put crystals elsewhere in the house as well for the same effect, just remember not to put magnetic crystals near electronics and to not get Selenite wet.

To cleanse your own body of negative energies, apply the same principles as above, such as adding salt to bathwater or shower gel along with crystals. You can make simple bath sachets with crystals in small muslin bags with your favourite herbs added for good measure.

You’ll Feel Great

Once you have done all this, the energy in the house will be significantly different and you should be able to feel it. You will want to spend all your time in your new, cleansed space, soaking up the good vibes and enjoying the feeling of peace and calm. This will help you relax and unwind in a more positive, beneficial way than going to the bar drinking or the like that you may do after work to try to relax and forget your worries of the office. Not only that but you will reap the health benefits such as being more chilled out, having less stress and being able to relax more easily. Win – win, right?

So if you’ve been looking for a great way to help chill out and relax, give cleansing your space a try. With so much negative energy and thoughts floating around in our world today it can easily come into your home and life, so keep it at bay with these handy, useful tips anyone can try.

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