Everyone loves to go on trips and Morocco is the best destination for this purpose, especially for Muslims. The beauty of this place is unparallel. It is actually a Northern African Country with borders along the Mediterranean Sea and the Northern Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Morocco is one amongst the three nations who coastlines of both Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans.

For every tourist, Morocco is considered to be a beautiful country. Especially the cities, Marrakech, Tangiers, Fez, etc. are considered to be mesmerizing in their aesthetic senses. Other beautiful places in this country are, Asilah, Chefchaouen, Atlas Mountains, Koutoubia Mosque at Marrakech, Meknes, sand dunes near to Merzouga. In fact, if a tourist visits Morocco, he may want to stay back in this country as well. However, this is predominantly a Muslim country. Hence drinking publicly is prohibited here. Even driving after drinking alcohol is not allowed. Thus this place is safe for the tourists. Chefchaouen is a city in the northwest corner of Morocco whose streets are painted with blue paints and hence is also known as the blue city.

The best time to visit Morocco is during spring (middle of March to middle of May) as during this time the green landscapes appear more beautiful and make it easy for tourists to mountain hike.

However, the mosques in this country excel in beauty as well. Being an Islamic nation, Morocco no wonder has a large number of mosques. These are not only attractive but add to the beauty of the place as well. People come to these for prayer, spiritual learning etc.

Some of these mosques are mentioned below.

  • Hassan II –This mosque is located at Casablanca and with its magnificence, it is the city’s one of the most important sites for visitors. In fact, amongst many religious edifices, it is one which is open to the public and is also one of the largest and tallest ones. The architecture of this mosque is unique.
  • Koutoubia –It is located at Marrakech and was once bordered by booksellers and hence its name also means ‘the bookseller’s mosque.’ Since it was built during the Almohad period (between 12th and 13th centuries), the designs of this mosque resemble that era.
  • Tin Mal –This mosque is located at a small village in the mountainside named Tin Mal. It was founded in the 1100s and located at a high area of Atlas Mountains dramatically. However, even non-Muslim visitors are allowed to visit this mosque.
  • Great Mosque located at Taza –Like Koutoubia, this mosque was also built during the Almohad period (the 1100s) and is one of the oldest amongst those built during this era. The Taza city is located at the northern part of Morocco and this mosque is named after this city. There are fountains available in this mosque which adds to its beauty.
  • Syrian Mosque –The Syrian Mosque located in the city of Tangier (northern Morocco) is largely different from the other mosques located in Morocco. The mosques of Morocco have typical angular minarets and measure uniform in width all along their lengths. However, the Syrian mosque has a minaret which tapers towards the top. However, this mosque excels in aesthetic beauty as well.

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Villa Experience Riviera Maya Villa Rentals for large Groups!

The Riviera Maya is made up of more than 130 km of paradise beaches and 5* resorts. The stunning natural beauty of the area and the welcoming Mexican culture have made it a hit with tourists, turning this patch of Caribbean coastline into one of the most popular and versatile travel destinations in the world, and the most popular destination in Mexico. Each town in the Riviera Maya has it’s own distinct personality, so there’s a perfect spot in paradise to suit your group’s needs.

As well as the 5* resorts that have sprung up in the last decade, more and more villa rentals are becoming available to cater to the demand for accommodation. Villa rentals are a fantastic option for traveling in large groups as they offer all the luxury of a resort, without having to share. If there’s any time you’re allowed to be selfish, it’s when you’re on vacation!

Many luxury villa rentals come with fantastic facilities that rival any hotel resort. Private beach access, pristine pools, boundless entertainment and even a full-time staff are all commonly offered with a villa rental in the Riviera Maya. Moreover, many luxury villas are equipped to host events – destination weddings, retreats and special occasions for large parties can all be made possible with the right space. Expansive gardens and large palapas overlooking the crystal clear sea can play host to sunrise yoga sessions and wellness retreats, or perhaps a destination wedding on the beach. Games rooms and entertainment create a fun atmosphere for corporate team building retreats. With the right rental villa, the possibilities are endless for you and your group.

Hacienda del Secreto is a resort of 5 luxury villas 15 miles north of Playa del Carmen. All  five villas are available to rent individually or as a whole. A small resort such as this is a perfect setting for a large party or event. In total, the 5 villas have 25 bedrooms and 26 full bathrooms, so everyone can enjoy their own space. The beautiful, whitewashed villas with traditional thatched roofs are all within walking distance of each other and have their own pools that overlook Playa del Secreto. Playa del Secreto means ‘secret beach’ and this location really stays true to its name. The villas of Hacienda del Secreto look out over their own private beach, a true paradise where your guests are free to enjoy their own secluded slice of the Caribbean. The cherry on the cake? A large event palapa that is a versatile space for any large group gatherings as well as a yoga and fitness studio perfect for wellness retreats.

Another fantastic villa rental option in the Riviera Maya is the Riviera Maya Hacienda Estate. Made up of 3 magnificent villas that can house up to 73 guests, the Riviera Maya Haciendas truly are impressive. Colonial architecture, swaying palms, private pools and outdoor seating under the arches, these villas are the perfect mix of traditional beauty and modern luxury. The three villas are all fully staffed and are prepared to host events of up to 250 guests – the perfect setting for a destination wedding! For those who need even more space, there are also villas close by that can be incorporated into your stay.

A villa rental in the Riviera Maya gives you the freedom to create your own personal vacation or event, tailored to yourself and your party of guests. However it’s important to know what you are looking for. Things to consider beforehand include having a clear idea of the area you want to stay in, the amount of space you need and any special considerations that may be necessary for your group or event. Villas in the Riviera Maya are incredibly popular, so booking in advance is essential, especially if you plan to visit during the high season. Prices are generally in USD, however you may request another currency and most villas are flexible on the amount of time you wish to stay, however some require a minimum amount of days.

Whether you’re planning some much needed family time or hosting the event of a lifetime, a villa rental in the Riviera Maya provides a personal, stress-free vacation for you and your guests.