Introducing ‘The Roxy’

Unrecognizable female with big chain on neck standing on white background while covering face with fashion magazine in sunlight

Meet Isabel, the Editor

Roxy, a young Californian woman in her 20s, curates a vibrant and classy Travel Magazine/Blog that offers a fresh perspective on wanderlust experiences, fashion insights, food and fitness musings, and tips on building a fulfilling lifestyle and making money. Her sharp writing style and sleek design mirror her bold yet minimalistic approach.

The Roxy on Sunset is staffed by a team of passionate writers, photographers, and designers who share Roxy’s vision of creating captivating narratives and keeping readers up-to-date with the latest trends and inspirations.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Unique


Curated Wanderlust

Immerse yourself in Roxy’s captivating narratives that transport you to countries across the globe.


Fashion and Lifestyle Insights

Stay up-to-date with the latest travel, fashion, food, and fitness trends from our knowledgeable team.


Tips for Building a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Experience a sleek and modern design that mirrors Roxy’s bold yet minimalistic approach to lifestyle and travel.

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