Six Types of Fishing Bait That Will Keep You Hooked

Fishing has been one of the most popular hobbies in the UK for hundreds of years, and it’s easy to see why. Nothing beats the sensation of being out on the water with your rod, enjoying nature while also hoping that you catch something delicious to eat. You might already have experience and know how to fish, but want to try new fishing bait to increase your chances of catching some fish, or you might be just starting out and want to learn more about what types of bait are out there. Either way, here are four types of fishing bait that you can use to help you catch more fish.

Best Natural Bait

Fish are naturally attracted to anything that resembles their food source. When it comes to natural bait, worms, grubs, and nightcrawlers will always keep your hook baited. Using only natural materials is not only environmentally friendly but also cuts down on costs. The best baits for freshwater fishing are worms, leeches, minnows, crayfish, crickets, and grasshoppers. Cut bait (pieces of baitfish) is also popular among bottom-feeders such as catfish and carp.

Best Store-Bought Bait

Store-bought fishing bait can seem like a cop-out, but there’s nothing better when it comes to saving time and getting quality materials. If you want to save yourself some time without sacrificing your experience, you should look into store-bought bait. Great store-bought baits include boilies for larger fish like carp and pellets for smaller species.

Best Swim Baits

Swim baits are any type of lure designed to create a splashy commotion in open water. These lures often look like injured or dying baitfish. These lures can effectively catch bass and other big fish in open water when other methods aren’t working well. The most common types are plastic frogs, hollow-bodied frogs, and giant soft plastic worms. However, there are some unique designs on new swimbaits these days, so give others a try if one doesn’t get results.

Best Floater Baits

It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing in lakes, ponds, or rivers. A good bait floater is a must-have for every angler. This classic choice consists of any animal tissue that will naturally float on top of the water, enticing bass and other fish to go for a nibble. Great options include things like hot dogs, marshmallows, and salami. While these aren’t necessarily considered healthy snacks (except perhaps for salami), they are among some of your best options when it comes to ensuring your bait stays afloat.

Best Winter Baits

An excellent lure that you can use for your winter fishing trips is a jig. A jig is a hooked metal or plastic head, which you can use to fish with several different types of lures. For example, if you are out fishing in shallow waters, you might want to try an iced-out jig. These lures have an eyelet at the top to tie on a hook and flashier plastics or metals on top that attracts more fish attention. This type of bait is popular among many ice fishermen because it will allow them to see what type their lure has caught through its reflection on top of the ice.

Best Summer Baits

Fish love a good, wholesome meal – and there’s no better way to catch them in the summer than with natural grains and herbs. Wheat, corn, oats, and barley are excellent choices for anglers trying to reel in some big fish during their next trip out on the lake or river. To ensure your bait has enough scent to attract all kinds of fish, try combining your grains with fresh, clean water from a nearby source like a stream or a brook.

Why you should go fishing

Fishing is an activity that comes with a lot of fulfillment. It’s a way of getting food for your consumption. At the same time, you will be having some good outdoor fun far from television and all other indoor activities.

Whether you’re a newcomer or experienced, this article gives you reasons why you need to go fishing.

You will spend time outdoors.

Fishing boosts the number of hours spent outdoors away from television and electronic devices. Research shows that people who spend more time in outdoor activities are healthy and productive. Fishing will improve your self-esteem, you respect the environment, and you attain self-fulfillment. It will enhance your personal and social development. Fishing is an activity that individuals of all ages can enjoy.

Health benefits.

Fishing is an activity that will involve your body’s energy. You will need to use your energy to catch fish, and by so doing, you shed excess calories from your body. It boosts your fitness, making you healthy. Compared to other activities, fishing involves your entire body, and therefore you exercise every part.

Fishing for food

Fish is low in fat and cholesterol. It has a high component of protein. A regular diet of fish is recommended at all times. It is fulfilling to head to shores to catch fresh fish rather than buy ones in the food stores preserved using chemicals.

It’s a recreational activity.

Fishing helps you unwind and relax. It is recreational therapy. Time spent with nature contributes to the reduction of pressure, stress, and depression. Having a bad day in fishing beats a day spent in the office or the house attending to daily chores. That is why you have to find time in your busy schedule to go fishing in Lisbon.

Learn new skills on the water.

Fishing will help you learn new skills from time to time. You will gain new skills and techniques while on water. The experience builds your confidence to survive on water. Doing it continuously helps you discover new fishing tactics and ways of navigating the challenges thereof.

You learn to be patient.

Waiting for fish to come and take your bait is not a “minutes” thing. It takes time, and hours can go by without a single catch. Therefore, you have to be patient. Sometimes, you may go out there and come back without any catch. Once you get the catch, you have to be patient when reeling it, so you don’t break your line.

You get an opportunity to mentor others.

Fishing needs mentorship. You cannot wake up one day and say you will fish without being mentored by someone. Once you get the experience, you will also mentor others, making the activity enjoyable.

Fishing is an activity that will help you gain knowledge of different fish species. You will learn about their feeding behavior which helps you catch a good number of fish. To enjoy the activity, you’ve to get a reputable charter who will guide you on the best ways to fish and even teach you tactics to achieve your fishing goal.

How To Pack Your Football Visor When Traveling

This happened to me when I visited my old friend Jacob in Boston. Just before leaving the house to take me to the airport, he asked me if I had still been playing football for my college team. When I answered positive, he decided to make me a present. Jacob ran back into his room and returned with a football visor from hi high school years.

“It’s a good brand”, he said, “so it would be a pity to throw it away or give elsewhere to unknown people at a yard sale”. During our way to the airport, I also found out that the visor had a very exciting history, and once it had saved my friend’s eyes during a very tough game, yet there was no a single scratch. I felt like Jacob is giving me not just a football gear, but a piece of his memory and a mighty talisman. My favorite brand is Under Armour football visor. I think they are very high-quality and durable.

At first, I put my new gear at my suitcase, but I didn’t feel much secure about it. What if the airport staff throw my luggage and damage the visor? I knew that it was made of a strong resistant material, but damaging even a clip would be a really unpleasant outcome. So I decided to fit it in my cabin luggage. I had just a small backpack, therefore it was really hard to fit it. I managed to wrap it in my T-shirt (Jacob didn’t give me any special bag for it) and squeezed my new football visor inside.

Surely, while I was passing the customs control, the officer saw something suspicious on the screen and kindly asked me to open my backpack. So I had to take out all the tightly squeezed things that I hardly put inside my bag.

“Oh, it’s a tinted visor. You play football, son”, the officer smiled to me, but I became so frustrated that couldn’t answer him politely. It took me ten more minutes just to pack my stuff back. But suddenly I heard that the boarding on my plane was closing, and they called my name to proceed to the gates A5.

Running and almost falling down on a wet slippery floor I finally found the right gate and in a few minutes put myself down in a comfortable airplane seat.

At that time I wished I wouldn’t accept the gift from my friend that had caused me so many inconveniences.

However, there was a football game in a week, and I decided to try Jacob’s lucky visor on the field. The very first minutes of the game I found myself knocked down by a huge African kid from another team, and his elbow accidentally went exactly into my left eye, cracking on the surface of the visor, but causing no damage.

That day I decided that miracles happen, and talismans really exist. But there also was another thought: when you travel with your football visor, pack it wisely.