Take a break from the beach and go on an adventure holiday

There’s something that everyone loves about a holiday where you can just lounge around on spotless sandy beaches, and let your toes touch crystal clear seas, but with an activity holiday you can take the magical moments of holidaying to a whole new level. An active holiday offers adventure that all the family will cherish forever. You can take on some pleasant pursuits that are both rousing and rewarding, the list is endless when it comes to the different ventures you can get up to. Why be stuck behind a book, when you could be paddle boarding? Why spend time behind a screen when you could be surfing? Don’t merely enjoy your holidays, prize it as one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.  Here are some benefits of a family activity holiday.

Fun for All

It doesn’t matter about your age or abilities; there are activities to suit all kinds of families. An active holiday enables you to challenge yourself, but still have something that caters to all your needs. Don’t let inhibitions hinder you, be driven to do the daring yet thrilling. These types of holidays will leave anyone bragging to their loved ones back home about what they’ve achieved. Whatever exploits you’re involved in during your holiday, you’ll be left grinning from ear to ear when you realise what you’ve accomplished.

You don’t have to possess any special skills to partake in these adventures. You don’t have to be an Olympic gold medallist to make the most of the many manoeuvres. Take on an activity that meets you where you are, with all the skills and stamina that you currently have. Don’t let your holiday be a drooling experience or drudgery, but simply a delight. There’s a difference between a bit of a challenge and just plain chaos.

A Range of Really Good Activities

You don’t have to limit your choices of what to do. With a laid back holiday there may only be a certain amount of things you can do, maybe go to a restaurant, enjoy a spa, or take a stroll on the beach. The list is endless when it comes to an activity holiday. You could take up a different recreation every day, or spend a full week perfecting one. There are entertaining enterprises on every corner when you go with the active holiday option.

Your stories of surfing will far outweigh those of the sun-loungers. Brave the mountains on a bike ride or cook up some s’mores around a camp fire. Cruise the rivers in a cleverly constructed canoe, or awaken wonder when searching for an array of wildlife. Don’t let a second go to waste but throw yourself into all of your holiday and make sure you make the most of it with all the quality quests.

Celebrate the Contrast in Cultures

With an activity holiday, you don’t have to stay huddled in the tourist areas but you can venture into areas that give you more of an awareness of the varying cultures. You can take a step into these societies and cherish them for what they really are: beautiful.

Become acquainted with the cuisines of Nepal by cooking with the locals of Kathmandu. Or get a taste for their renowned rituals by beholding their sacred cows. Pick up a pleasant practice of Portugal by trying out traditional basket weaving.  Become acquainted with the humble abodes of Thailand by staying at a hill tribe home stay or floating raft house, or sallying along on one of Sweden’s snowmobiles. With an active holiday you get a tangible taste of cultures in ways that may have never been possible before.

By taking in more of the sites of these cultures you get to view these countries from a whole new perspective. Feel as though you’ve explored every nook and cranny of these tremendous destinations that are so often missed out on.


It’s not just the so called relaxing and restful holidays that leave you rejuvenated but the active ones do too, in a whole different way. There’s nothing like that feeling of satisfaction after a day’s work, or ticking something spectacular off your bucket list. You can go home with an exhale, as well as a big pat on the back.

Active holidays are also known to be good for your health and wellbeing, so you can keep fit as well as fascinated. Have your body and mind engaged on this type of holiday and feel all the better for it. Its apparent that some doctors have park prescriptions for people with health issues ranging from heart disease to attention deficit disorder, but image how much more beneficial an active holiday will have on these health issues.

What can be more fulfilling than leaving at the end of your trip with a boost of confidence?  Walking onto the plane with your head held high knowing that you’ve achieved things you never dreamt you do. Be revitalised as well as rewarded.

Magic Memories

You don’t want to spend your family holiday hidden behind a book or a screen. An active holiday lets you spend time with your family in ways you may have never done before. Store up sentimental stories of Husky dog-sledging, or treks up Mount Etna.  Cry with laughter at flashbacks of a failed attempt at rock-climbing; when you tried to overcome your fear of heights. These will be times that you treasure with your loved ones for a lifetime.

Form Friendships

When on a relaxing holiday it’s very easy to avoid everyone that’s around, but an active holiday encourages you to engage with your fellow travellers in an interesting and fun way. When you take on tremendous tasks with someone, it’s almost impossible to not get talking. Remember and reminisce on a centre-based farmhouse holiday where you got to take part in some fascinating activities with some fantastic people. Or recollect those conversations you were engaged in along waterfall walks. Feel as if you’re taking on the world in a team.

It’s even more of a pleasure to know that your children have made pals in the safety of the centre where you’re based. Some of the most best revered  childhood memories are when they look back on a well enjoyed, fun-filled, friendship packed, exhilarating, and active, holiday.

Fancy Something Different? Flotilla Holidays Are All The Rage


With 2018 already progressing full steam ahead and February having come up on us in the blink of an eye, it’s easy to see the fact that this year like many before it is going to be over seemingly in a blink of an eye. With that in mind, it’s never too early to start thinking about your holidays for spring and summer break, or even for breaks later in the year. With so many options about for family holidays, holidays for couples and more it can be difficult to choose the perfect combination of something new and wonderful that you haven’t tried before as well as something you have tried and loved. That’s why taking a flotilla holiday is one of the best ideas yet and it’s perfect for everyone from ages eight to eighty, with kids, without kids, swimmers and landlubbers and everyone in between. Here are a couple of great reasons you should consider a flotilla for your next getaway.

Amazing Locations

The Greek Islands have always been considered some of the most ideal in terms of holiday locations for the young and old alike and with a flotilla at your disposal it can make these holidays even better in terms of flexibility as well as style. Depending on your preferences, flotillas are available for rent for two week rotations in locations such as the Ionian, Saronic, Greek and Sporades Islands as well as throughout Croatia. If you have ever dreamt of whiling away the days on the deck of a yacht while island hopping some of the world’s most beautiful locations, then a flotilla holiday just might be for you.

Why Flotilla?

If you think of an RV you conjure up images of tables turned beds and living spaces on wheels, right? Right! Flotillas are essentially the same idea, but just in boat form. This means they’re economical, homey and a great way to still travel in style and class but without needing a road on which to do it. Flotillas come in sizes and sailing experience levels to suit almost anyone and so it’s easy to find the perfect boat for you and your party. If you have ever wanted to experience yacht living, this is the way to do it without needing to devote hundreds of hours or hundreds of euros to learning how to sail and buying your own boat. Flotillas are the perfect option for anyone who wants to get a bit of experience yachting before committing to the purchase of their own vessel.


Flotilla holidays can be combined with other options too in order to make the most out of your holiday. One such option can be doing one week on the water and one week in a villa on a gorgeous island that allows you to explore the back alleys and lively cafes of local neighbourhoods just brimming with exciting experiences and friendly local people. This is the perfect combination for those who both like kicking back and relaxing as well as getting out and hobnobbing with the local community. So what will your choice be?

What’s Included?

The great thing about package flotilla holidays is the fact that a lot of things are included in the price of your overall holiday. Generally speaking the only real things you need to pay for as extras are your own food and drinks as well as insurances and waivers. The overall cost of the packages includes return airfare and all basics on the flotilla itself such as linen and towels, harbour fees and guides. This makes taking your own flotilla around the islands such as Ithaka and Lefkas or Erikoussa something that is not just a great time saver, but also a money saver as well.


The great thing about your own yachting holiday is that you are ultimately king and in control of what you do and when you do it. If you don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t have to aside from kick back on the deck with a glass or three of bubbly and watch the beautiful sunsets change the colours of the water from teals and blues to oranges and purples as night sets in. For those who like a bit of action though, stand up paddleboards are available to rent with your flotilla, meaning you can get on the water anywhere you want, any time you want without needing to head into town to pick up a rental when you think of it. Not only that, but dinghies are often available as well which means you can head into small coves to explore, and maybe even find your own slice of private beach on which to enjoy a picnic.

Develop A New Interest

Holidays aboard a flotilla aren’t just holidays – they can be entirely great new ways to develop a new interest. With having to navigate and control your own flotilla you get experience and knowledge that can lead to a new hobby. Imagine getting into sailing because you had such an amazing time aboard your own boat on holiday and then become one of the yachting club in your own right after purchasing your own vessel. These days sailing is becoming more and more accessible to those who aren’t part of the millionaires clubs, and many people with families own their own smaller vessels that they take around various locations for family getaways. What better way to spend summer holidays – or holidays all year round?

An Investment In Fun

Flotilla holidays aren’t just a holiday but they’re an investment in a great time doing something a bit different. If you’re tired of the same old thing, try something new aboard one of the great vessels on offer. Not only that, but with many flotillas sleeping as many as eight people this can be a fantastic way to spend your holidays with your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles or several of your best friends.

So if you’re looking for something different from the typical sandy beach holiday this year, consider setting sail for the Greek or Croatian islands and spend a week or two hopping from island to island, taking in the harbour lifestyle of these unique and ancient lands. With so many options to spend your days from just relaxing on deck or exploring the back streets of tiny island villages, you never know what you will find with a flotilla holiday. So call up some friends, get your buddies on board and rent a flotilla for the holiday of a lifetime. Don’t delay – get in now to make the most of this summer’s sun, sea and sand.

Discover the Beauty That Lies in Asia

The most beautiful countries of Asia are some of the top tourist destinations in the world. Asia is a collection of nations that vary in mind blowing landscapes, the greenest forests, blue beaches, barren deserts, white tip mountains and an expanded array of wildlife. Aside from the beauty of the countries, diverse cultures of different countries add to the exquisiteness of the continent. In the following article, you will discover the most beautiful places of Asia. Possibly, several places that you never knew existed.

Taj Mahal, India

From 1631 to 1648, an Emperor had a white mausoleum of white marble built for his favourite wife. This famous monument is known as the jewel of India and is universally admired. The beautiful gardens of the place represent paradise or heaven on earth. Otherwise, this palace is also known as a symbol of love.

Great Wall of China, China

This massive structure was built as a defence wall in the 7th century. During the Qin Dynasty, this wall was put of the avoid intruder invasions. The wonderful monument is 3,945 miles long and is also known as the longest wall on earth!

Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian island is well known for its volcanic mountains, turquoise waters, beaches and coral reefs. Besides the marvellous beaches, the wonderful climate allows you to dive into an unforgettable journey.

Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan

This village was created by a former soldier in 1924. He began painting houses in his village and was soon known as Grandpa Rainbow. The beautiful vibrant colours and designs of birds, people and animals will certainly move you.

Macau, China

Also known as the Las Vegas of China, this destination is the mecca of casino gaming and glamour! Enjoy massive shopping centres, adventure parks, salons and spas, varied foods and most of all, the punter side of the place where you could enjoy a great selection of casino games to put to play. If you think going to China is too far, there’s no need travel. Grab great casino gaming experience at the best online bingo site Lucky Pants Bingo! There, you’ll are presented with an array of casino games, online slots and bingo to enjoy!

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This popular delta in Vietnam is a route for locals to sell their crops. Along the delta, you can find a wide selection of juicy tropical fruits, vegetables and rice crops. While floating along the river, you can get off at different locations and visit the city or temples.

Tiger’s Nest Temple, Bhutan

Also known as Taksang Palphug, this is a prominent sacred Buddhist site located on the cliffside of Paro valley. This place is a must visit because of the unique location and view that will definitely take your breath away.

Danxia Landform, China

The Danzi landform is formed from red coloured sandstones and strong forces. The colours of these rainbow mountains took shape of flowing valleys after thousands of years of rain and win. The region is now listed in the World Heritage Site.

Perfect the Art of Travelling

Travelling around the world these days is very common, be it related to work or for holidays. However, it can be tiring and costly too. So, it is always good to plan your trip well in advance, so that you do not encounter any difficulties afterwards. You can begin by booking your ticket over the counter or online. However, there are other things to consider to make a trip a pleasant and successful one.


It is important to do some research on the place you are going to visit. It is always good to know a bit about the great places you can go to. But it is also essential to know about the dangers you might face in some areas, just to be on the safe side. This is to avoid unnecessary worries which could transform your trip into an unpleasant one.


Make sure as you plan a trip, that you have sufficient funds to make it possible. Travelling and discovering new places is certainly a lot of fun, but it can be expensive too. Depending on the type of currencies you would use, it is good to know about the exchange rates for that country, to avoid additional expenses. You can also take a travel loan which will help cover your expenses during your trip.


Packing for a trip can be a bit confusing if you are travelling for the first time. You might want to carry simply everything in your bags. However, the best way to go about it is to consider the duration of your journey and the destination where you are headed to. Packing in a smart way means to make smart choices, that is to pack the things which you would really need first. Since you would be tempted to do some shopping afterwards, it is best not to overstuff your bags with things which you would not really need. Plus, excess luggage means paying more at the airport.


It is important to carefully choose the airline by which you would be travelling. It is a good idea to know about the different facilities and services they offer. Or if they may have some interesting packages that you would not want to miss. You might want to go for cheap flights, but these include unnecessary transits which can stress you out. It’s best to be relaxed during your journey. Some of the top airlines are: Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific. Aim high with The Sky’s the Limit slot at one of UK’s best casino destination – Magical Vegas. This game will certainly inspire you while you are carefully planning your holiday, with its amazing graphics, its background of an airport and its different features.

Travel Relaxed and Happy

To be able to make your journey a safe, fun and successful one, careful planning is very important.  One of the steps in your plan would be to sort out your carry-on luggage. It is perfect to limit it to not more than 4 or 5 things that you would really need, so that you would be allowed to carry it with you on the plane and not pay extra charges in some airlines.

Remember to stay relaxed, positive and courteous during your trip. Respecting the environment of your destination and being nice to people are good things to do, especially if you are in a less developed country.  If you consider the above steps, travelling is surely fun and enriching.

Top Michelin Star Restaurants in London

When choosing a restaurant to eat at, a Michelin star is indeed a thing to consider. After all, it is the assurer of quality, great eating and value. In a city like London, where there are hundreds of good diners, a Michelin star guarantees a great time. London is a foodie’s paradise, both in terms of quantity and quality. Aside street food and delicious curries, this city boasts fine dining places, which are affordable. Now, time to discover the best Michelin Star restaurants which can be found in London.

The Ritz

Found in Mayfair, The Ritz is one of the most famous restaurants in London. The building in itself is luxurious and grandiose. The food smells of high standard and the afternoon tea is well-known. Despite making many dishes, The Ritz is most famous for its afternoon tea. It is lavish and comes with a wide choice of cakes. Cupcakes, doughnuts and cakes are some of these pastries, just like the symbols found on Sugar Train Slots, playable at Lucky Pants Bingo. On this top bingo site, you will also find exclusive slots, which will please your taste buds. Even better, the afternoon tea is not high priced. The layout of this place is its most pretty feature. The establishment manages to fill the small place with many people, and somehow people also get a sense of privacy. Whether you’re with family or friends, you will feel like you’re the only people out there.

The Glasshouse

Located in Kew, The Glasshouse is a small and welcoming restaurant. It is one of the best places to visit if you want a break after exploring the gardens. As a matter of fact, this restaurant is found a few steps from the outstanding Kew Gardens- this location is worth a visit as it is made of pretty flowers. The restaurant is small but it has a light atmosphere, and is the best place to start you day at! When it comes to food, The Glasshouse serves an assortment of British, European and seasonal meals. And, all of them are tasty and light, and is a great experience. The food won’t make you heavy, but instead will make you happy! The sporadic Asian spices are also a nice touch to some of the dishes.


Trinity is a private restaurant found in Clapham, and it serves seasonal yet delicious food. The décor is very modern, and what really makes it special is the fact that it is monochrome. The walls, carpet and tablecloths do not come with a single splash of colours, which make the location perfect for pictures. On the menu, you have a large selection of seasonal cuisine, which has a touch of modernity. And each of the dishes are mouth-watering. The upper space situated at Trinity is a great place to get some drinks before or after your meal. The venue can also be hired for private events. The restaurant also has a finely maintained outdoor porch, perfect for sunny days. So, you can visit that place during summer.

Need a New Year’s holiday? Check out these Vegas casino suites

January’s here. The Christmas season of partying and over-indulgence is well and truly over. . . Or is it?

A 10-hour flight across the Atlantic could deliver you to the bright lights of Sin City, where you can experience glamour and adrenaline in equal measure all year round. Indeed, everything about this gambling paradise is over the top and truly spectacular – including the fanciest new casino hotels still popping up every now and then, the last one in 2016.

Here, we look at some of the best places to stake a bet and rest your head.

Caesars Palace

A sprawling complex with grand proportions and a Roman-inspired design, Caesars Palace is one of the most famous landmarks on the Vegas Strip. It’s no stranger to the rich and famous, with countless members of celeb royalty having walked through the doors. Elton John, Frank Sinatra, and Mariah Carey have all performed in the main performance hall, known as The Colosseum, and the hotel’s casino facilities are unrivalled. Take a risk playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more in truly luxurious surroundings, or step inside it’s 4,500-square-foot poker room that’s open around the clock.

There are just under 4,000 suites for weary travellers to put their feet up after a hard day of fine dining and gambling excitement. These include the Marc Anthony Villa, with an 800-square-foot patio plus a private pool, and the Forum Tower Duplex Suite, made famous by some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.


Just a stone’s throw from Caesars Palace, and fronted by an iconic display of dancing fountains, you’ll find the Bellagio. Here, you’ve got it all: take a dip in one of the exquisite pools, stroll through Nevada’s finest courtyards, or delight your taste buds with food prepared by a Michelin-star chef.

For all the casino high rollers out there, we recommend a trip inside the Bellagio’s thrilling ‘Club Prive’ high-limit lounge. It’s an intimate and indulgent affair, boasting a modern yet opulent Art Deco design and a well-stocked cocktail bar. You’ll find a great selection of table games to take your fancy, including Chinese-inspired Pai Gow Poker.

Rooms in the Bellagio range from penthouse suites to three-bedroom villas, with unrivalled views of the hotel’s stunning man-made lake reflecting the hot Nevada sunshine.

The Venetian

Priding itself on extraordinary luxury, The Venetian is a truly unique Vegas venue. Immerse yourself in an Italian fantasy, as you take in the Grande Colonnade Lobby and stroll through the resort’s own replica of historic St Mark’s square.

The gambling experience on offer is equally impressive. In fact, The Venetian boasts one of the best selections of slot games in the entire city and it spans across two whole floors. But when you do need a break from all those ringing bells and spinning reels, the plush pillows of it’s beautiful Bella Suite create a calming retreat, whilst the jetted hot tub of the Prima Suite is sure to help you unwind.

The Mirage

The first mega resort in the city, and said to have shaped what we now know as the classic Vegas experience, The Mirage opened its doors back in the late 80s. But constant renovation and distinctive features ensure it remains a hot contender with younger, neighbouring resorts.

Actual gold dust gives the windows an iconic shimmering tint, whilst the hotel’s stunning volcano is enough to make your jaw drop.

When it comes to entertainment, this is the place to be. Try for a hole in one on the green grass of the hotel’s own golf course, enjoy enchanting animal encounters in the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, or get your heart racing with the casino’s excellent range of slot and tables games.

Plus, with Deluxe Tower Suites and multi-bedroom Villas, you’ll have no trouble getting some well-deserved shut eye after a hard day’s play.

There you have it – four truly unique casino hotels where you can escape the January blues.

Once you’ve got flights and hotel booked, all that’s left to do before hitting the Strip is to get in some practice. You’ll find a great selection of online slots and casino games to help sharpen up your skills – and you might even manage to win some spending money in time for your upcoming Vegas vacation. . .

Foodie Travel Guide

The days where food was equal to uninspired veggie stews and ratatouille are now long gone! Nowadays, chefs and cooks look to brighten our days with classic comfort food and gastronomic feasts which can please the taste buds of one and many. If you are a food-lover who can’t dream of traveling without tasting the best quality food, then the below foodie travel guide might become your bible! Plan your travel and bon Appetit!

Relae- Copenhagen, Denmark

Relae combines local, organic and trade ingredients all packed in a gorgeous menu and impressive atmosphere. This restaurant located in Copenhagen won the 2015 Sustainable Restaurant for the Yearly 50 Best Restaurants in 2015. And, until now, it lives to the expectations of hungry visitors. Relae is co-owned by Kim Rossen and Christian Puglisi and was founded back in 2010. The menu changes overnight and the chef is proud of the surprise ingredient he adds to each dish. The restaurant located in the heart of Nørrebro district boasts not only an amazing menu, but also environment friendly practices. The ingredients are organic certified. Plus, they make use of recycled chairs and tables while the lights are LED.

Azurmendi- Larrabetzu, Spain 

Founded in 1976, the Azurmendi is in the heart of Northern Spain. This gorgeous restaurant prides impressive architecture which is made of photovoltaic solar panels. Even if the restaurant makes use of sustainable materials, the building is gorgeous and eye-pleasing. The food is cooked by three-time Michelin star winner, Basque Chef Eneko Atxa. This renowned chef makes use of local produce and revives the lost varieties of local veggies. The menu proposes eggs from their very own hens, cooked from the inside and layered with truffles. Other food items include veggie dishes like olive with delicious pesto! If you’re looking for delicious desserts afterwards, the best place to find them is at Spin and Win Casino! This casino features a whole collection of food and fruit themed online slots which might please your eyes and your winning balance! Plus, it might even give you a foretaste of mesmerising delicacies!

Woodberry Kitchen- Baltimore, Maryland

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Woodberry Kitchen boasts an exclusive menu which provides fresh seafood. The restaurant regularly shuffles its menu from the seasonal catches from the Bay. The menu of this extravagant hotel prides itself with the best seafood which pleases the taste buds of everyone! At the table, you will find the classic seafood of Maryland like catfish and crabs which are decorated with exclusive veggies like peppers, corns and various types of beans. Other food proposals are brisket, lamb and steak. The architecture of the restaurant is also flattering; it’s a hippie yet rustic chic place which opens from 17h until late 22h.

Whether you like food or not, these destinations offer much more than that! The great restaurants which serve amazing and exclusive food items are just a little bonus for your taste buds! So, make your travel plan and fly to these locations for the best travel experience!

Perfect Resorts For French Alps Skiing Holidays


With Christmas over and winter well and truly set in throughout many parts of the world, now is the time to start looking into those winter getaways that the whole family can enjoy. But where to? Maybe you have just recently had a holiday to a warm climate and you’re looking for something a bit more winter friendly to help wipe away those winter blues. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Winter holidays don’t always have to be jetting off to sunny tropical locations with white sand beaches and instead can involve head out to your favourite snowy destinations to hit the slopes, sip hot cocoa in the cosy atmosphere of your ski chalet and enjoy drinking Gluhwein in front of toasty fires with friends. So what are some of the best ski locations for couples and families? Check out our top picks for cheap ski holidays below and get in on the deals before they’re out the door for the season!


La Tania – Courchevel

This alpine resort is a haven for ski lovers who like to be challenged but also for those who like easier more leisurely skiing. A unique feature of this resort is the full pedestrianisation of the resort itself – that is to say, that the resort allows you to ski throughout the whole region – to the shops, to the bars, to the restaurants and the like. What more could you want? For a real dive into the life of skiing this is the place for you and your family and with over six hundred kilometers (yes! Six hundred!) that means you can spend your entire time skiing your little heart out at La Tania and never run over the same piece of trail twice – unless you want to. With mainly north facing slopes, the runs of La Tania will keep their snow in pristine condition until late into the season, making this a perfect resort for those late ski season holidays for both couples and families alike. So for those who want to maximise their ski season, be sure to take advantage with a holiday to La Tania.

Les Arcs

This resort is a combination of all the best bits of the sport of skiing. Ideal for beginners all the way through to experts it boasts over one hundred and thirty runs for beginners, around sixty for intermediate and around forty for advanced level skiers. With over one hundred restaurants and bars to add to the feel of this alpine beauty, Les Arcs is an old favourite amongst hobbyists as well as serious athletes with its Olympic level speed skiing course to add to the huge variety of runs already available. Les Arcs is additionally perfect for families or for those who like a bit of a lower key holiday as even though there are bars and restaurants available en masse, the late night atmosphere is nearly non-existent here. For those who like to get out by night, the neighbouring resorts often have a more hopping nightlife than Les Arcs, but don’t let that put you off this unique, enjoyable and impressive resort. You won’t miss the parties here with so many fantastic runs to check out and other apres ski activities.

Val D’Isere

Three hundred kilometres of piste set in an alpine haven, Val D’Isere boasts impressive advanced runs for those experienced skiers looking for a challenge. Not experienced? No problem! Val D’Isere also hosts a whole range of beginner to intermediate runs too for those who are just starting out on their ski skills. With around one hundred and fifty cafes, bars and restaurants at your disposal, it’s easy to see why Val D’Isere is a favourite amongst not just the expert skiers but also with those of all levels. The activities kick off each afternoon for those to enjoy the apres ski offerings and with a hugely popular cafe culture it’s easy to get stuck right in. For foodies, this is the best resort due to its location – nestled in the southeastern France’s Alps and only a mere five kilometers from the Italian border means that the Italian-French fusion cuisine is rampant in the numerous restaurants at Val D’Isere. Come see for yourself.

La Plagne

The perfect place for those who love to work hard on the slopes and play hard in the village. La Plagne is comprised of several villages which enjoy pristine snow, a plethora of apres ski activities and locations to wind down as well as generally flat topography with numerous runs that range from beginner to experienced. This is a great resort for those who just like to whet their appetite with skiing but don’t necessarily want to really dive in. This is probably the best resort for families or groups of friends due to the amount of activities on offer that don’t necessarily involve skiing as well as the variety in terms of run ratings and other general amenities. Whether you’re an avid skier or not, La Plagne is the best resort for all abilities and preferences so you won’t regret your trip to this bustling and popular resort.


These are just a few of the resorts in the Alps which offer impeccable skiing and a variety in terms of amenities, activities and more. These are French Alps resorts but there are a number of other countries which feature alpine holiday packages as well. The French Alps arguably have the best in pricing and convenience with a whole host of different resorts to choose from. Many of the package holidays in the French Alps also feature nearly all inclusive (usually half board) catering, flights, hotel, lift passes and more. So if you’re looking for the best in alpine skiing without having to pay the sometimes heavy prices of other skiing holidays, the French Alps are the place to be. Regardless of whether you’re an early riser, a party animal, a night owl or the like, the Alps will have something for everyone – and don’t forget the impeccable wine! Being on the corner of three well known wine countries, the Gluhwein you’re likely to find here might just be some of the world’s best.

So whether you’re an avid skier, a beginner or even an accomplished athlete the Alps are one of the best places on the planet to get your ski on. With so many packages, mountain ranges, ski villages, resorts and runs to choose from you can rest assured that you will stay challenged and enjoy every minute of any ski holiday to the Alps. But don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourself. You still have a couple of good ski months left in the season, so don’t delay and get your next mountain ski holiday booked now!

10 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Airline Travel

Air travel is not as complicated as many people think. You might not realize that not everyone on board has paid the same price for the same ticket, some have paid way cheaper rates than most. But why would that be the case? It’s easy – they have learned the tricks to save money when booking travel. While experience may be an added advantage, it’s not a necessity. You can still keep more money in your pocket with the right information.

1. Use the 24 hours allowance

Many airlines allow passengers a 24-hour window to make changes to their bookings. This is one rule you can use to your advantage. After making your reservation, keep tabs on the price of the ticket, and if you notice that the fare has dropped, you can call the airline to cancel your booking. Immediately rebook with the new airfare. This, in most cases, should be penalty-free.

2. The last minute deals

If your travel is flexible enough, you should consider the “last-minute trip”. Most airlines will cut their airfares when the bookings are light, and the planes have a lot of free seats. In many instances, they will send alerts on Tuesday for Friday trips with their return trips on Monday or Tuesday. You will end up saving a lot on your fares, but you must be keen and ready to go at a moments notice. You also need to ensure that you are signed up for such alerts.

3. Keep tabs on social media

Airlines are known to post some of the best deals on their social media platforms. The catch is that such deals are time-sensitive and only the quick and ready people will get the chance. Such sites include Facebook and Twitter but can also include others so check the airline website for details and links. So, ensure you follow some of the major airlines on their social platforms and have their notifications on. You never know when you will get the deal.

4. Mix and match

Flying two different airlines for your to-and-fro trips can save you some money. Many airlines offer cheaper rates for one-way flights compared to the round flights. As such, you could buy a one-way ticket to your destination, and use another airline for the return trip. Also, you can choose to depart from a different airport from the one you flew to.

5. Be loyal to one carrier

If you are a frequent flyer, then you want to use the benefits that come with being loyal to one airline of your choice. Get a membership to their frequent flyer programs, and you may stand a chance of getting upgraded. Besides, you should sign up for the credit cards tied to the airline and enjoy the added point boost. If the use of such cards can earn you points and other rewards, be sure to accumulate them and redeem for miles among other gifts.

6. Stay informed

Information is vital for many things and getting better deals for your next air travel is one of them. Many sites post the airfare deals of the week, and most of them have a feature for free alerts, mainly to your email address. So, when planning your trip, remember to sign up for such sites to enjoy the information they have to share. And the best part is that most of them will only send you updates when the deals are worth it.

7. Get compensated if you can

Did you know that you are eligible for compensation when your airline delays or cancels your flight? Well, now you know. However, for your claim to be justified, the cause of the delay of cancellation should be within the control of the airline. Any cause beyond their power will not be compensated. Just make sure that you have your documents with you all the time, even after delays and cancellations. A service flight compensation app will help you in making a compensation claim in such situations.

8. Begin your search in the morning

They say the early bird catches the worm. Early morning deals are, in many instances, the best for many major airlines. You might be lucky to find a massive drop in prices in the morning, although it does not apply across the board. Some will release their discounted rates later in the day.

9. Book well in advance

Now, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Research shows that booking early is good, but it should not be too early. The best time is about six weeks before your desired departure date. Earlier than that can lock you out of deals and so would booking late. Another thing about timing is the ideal day to reserve your flight. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

10. Travel in the off-peak seasons

Demand and supply affect the prices of airfare. This means that the months of the year when demand is high such as during school breaks and holidays, the rate will be high and the chance of reducing will be lowest. However, when the demand is low, such as in January, February, and September, you can get better flight ticket deals and save a lot.

See?  It’s actually pretty easy to find deals on airline travel. No rocket science. Just a few strategies that may help you pay two to three times less than the person sitting next to you on the plane.

New Trends for Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm and is a great way for people to connect and share.  The technology is constantly changing and new trends are set for the future.

Augmented Reality

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X both have chips which allow users of these smartphones to have augmented reality experiences.  This experience is only being used on mobile devices but as technology changes it is probable that social media will soon be using it as well.  It is possible in the near future that social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram will enable its users to use filters which lets them take selfies and this is then projected using augmented reality.  Advertising could also be a new and innovative way to use augmented reality as companies project different products using filters.

Instagram Stories

The amount people using Instagram Stories monthly has reached over 200 million while Snapchat has 150 million users, that’s almost as many people who enjoy online blackjack for real money!  Instagram continues to grow and by the end of 2018 many more will be using it.  Companies and brands who want to connect with these users will be placing themselves in a good place by using this platform.

Moving to Social Media Advertising

The majority of marketers who utilise influencer marketing maintain that it works.  Companies such as North Face, Hubspot and Rolex have found the use of social media to be very successful when connecting with new groups and continued engagement with their loyal followers.  For those brands that chose to market their products in the traditional way it seemed they had difficulty connecting with social media audiences.  Looking at the way the trends are moving it looks like more companies will use an influencer marketing strategy rather than advertising the traditional way.

Connecting through Messaging Platforms

More than 2.5 billion people make use of some kind of messaging platform so it seems odd that most brands are still connecting with consumers using only social networks.  Connecting with customers using messaging platforms is the new trend for 2018 and companies change the way they connect with audiences and also put more money into this endeavour.  Consumers in the future should be able to have personalised shopping experiences using platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik.

Video Hangouts

More than one million people use the popular video hangout Houseparty.  It is mainly used by Gen Zers (people born between 1995 and 2010) who use this platform to connect with friends digitally.  It has become an extremely popular platform and Facebook is looking at ways they can reproduce something similar.  Video hangouts have become a big part of social media and live hangouts seem to be the next step.  It looks as though Facebook will offer a similar feature in 2018.

Facebook Spaces

Facebook has been developing a new project know as Spaces.  This new feature will let friends connect using virtual reality (VR).  The fact that Facebook is the owner of Oculus Rift, hardware used in VR experiences it makes sense that they would be developing this type of platform.

New social media trends that will impact users are growing as technology changes.  It seems that video streaming and VR will be an everyday experience.  Many more companies and brands will begin using social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat which is where the Gen Zers hang out.